The Importance of Water in times of COVID-19

By julio 8, 2020 No Comments

Water has always been an essential element for the population since it is present in all the daily activities of our day to day. We use it for drinking, cleaning, cooking or for personal hygiene.

In addition, water is essential for disease prevention. In the midst of a pandemic, such as Covid-19, water is of great importance, because until today the only ways to combat the pandemic are isolation and hand washing.

«Wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds and several times a day» «Soap and water to save your life»
Those are the first measures they recommend worldwide to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have access to quality soap and water, follow the steps and join the #ManosLimpias (#SafeHands in English) campaign. For your community and for you. (UN message)

In these exceptional moments, water has become our great ally to guarantee hygiene and disinfection. Washing your hands is a simple gesture that saves lives every day and prevents the spread of the virus.

In Construtec, our mission is to contribute with innovative solutions to transport drinking water to everyone who needs it.