Water and sustainable development

Sustainability at Construtec is conceived as the commitment that allows us to grow and look to the future. We are committed and involved so that all processes from production, installation to the life of the product and waste management are carried out in a sustainable way, always looking for hydraulic solutions that take care of water and the environment.

Design and Production
Ductile iron pipe is manufactured using a balanced production between iron ore and scrap, that is, recycled material. In addition, the sand used for the mortar mix does not have any pollutants or additives. The pipe is designed in such a way that water losses and disconnections are reduced to the maximum, favoring a long useful life of the product of up to 140 years.

Transportation and installation
Construtec’s strategy to follow is careful logistics:

The transport of the materials is carried out taking advantage of the full capacity of the container, separating each tube with sustainable materials such as wood.
The installation is carried out in an innovative way using techniques such as trenchless installation, thus reducing the environmental impact.

End of life
The materials used in Construtec are 100% renewable since ductile iron was used, which contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

Renewable energy
At Construtec we promote and drive the use of ductile iron pipe as a generator of renewable and sustainable energy through mini-plants and hydraulic plants.

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Mission and vision