High Pressure

Drinking water supply in high technical complex areas.

We are experts in high pressure pipeline systems and we offer the best alternatives for drinking water supply in high technical complex areas.

Construtec´s expertise in special engineering applications, mainly focused on high pressure, is the best alternative of the market.

Guarantee of operation, without long-term maintenance or interruptions in service.

Tuberia acerrojada fundicion ductil
Tuberia acerrojada fundicion ductil

Benefits and advantages of our solution:

  • Withstands very high pressure.
  • Buried or above ground laying.
  • Earthquake resistance solutions.
  • No welding means no fire risk.
  • International certificates for drinking water supply.

El Socorro: Drinking water for the next 100 years


High Pressure Drinking Water


El Socorro
Santander, Colombia.


17,5 km

The inhabitants of El Socorro have spent years dreaming of a definitive solution to the problem of drinking water supply. A solution made possible by the advanced Lok&Play® ductile iron technology with a locked system for DN 250 and DN 300 to cope with a pressure of up to 85 bar.

  • A true challenge: 17.5km
  • Elimination of thrust concrete blocks in direction changes and adaptability to the terrain.
Key points

  • Making a complex project viable.
  • Providing the best solution for drinking water supply, sustainable and long casting.
  • Supervision and control by our own team.

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