High Pressure
Drinking Water Pipeline


Soto de Agües
Asturias, Spain.


1,884 m

El Sifón del Alba: 1,884m of high pressure and slopes

It is one of the main drinking water supply lines in Gijón (Asturias, Spain). The water reaches the city through a long route of valleys and hills in the Cantabrian Mountains.

  • High pressure: Maximum allowable pressure 65 bar at its lowest point
  • 554m of steep slope.

Key points for project design and product selection

  • Need for an agile assembly that would counteract the extreme conditions of the environment.
  • Poor site accessibility that led to the use of an helicopter for pipe handling during installation.
  • Environmental importance on the area, which is why the completed line included completely covering of the pipeline and replanting the affected area for a better integration fo the landscape.
  • Very complex scenarios with steep slopes.
  • With or without trench.
  • No concrete blocks.
  • Internal and external corrosion protection for all types of water and soil.
  • Earthquake resistant.