Ductile Iron Pipes

  • Tyton® joint ductile iron pipes and fittings from DN 80 to DN 1600 ISO (from 3 «to 64» AWWA)
  • Restrained joint ductile iron pipes and fittings
  • Coatings and linings for internal and external corrosion protection against any kind of transported water and soil.
  • Wide range of valves: gate, butterfly, air valves, pressure reducing valves,  etc.
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CONSTRUTEC offers Lok&Play® solutions with diameters from 100 to 1600 mm, manufactured in accordance with ISO 2531 standard and the design and testing rules in the ISO 10804 standard.

  • Deflection up to 5
  • Working pressure up to 100bars (1450psi)
  • Tractive force up to 10700KN
  • Complete range of Lok&Play® fittings
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  • Restrained Joint Pipe with easy assembly/disassembly
  • Flexible restraint
  • From DN 100 to DN 1200
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  • HP LOK® Restrained Joint Pipe and fittings provide flexible push-on joints
  • Working pressure rating of 29bar
  • From DN 1400 to DN 1600
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  • Designed for areas of seismic activity and unstable ground conditions.
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  • High deflection high pressure restrained system.
  • More pressure. More deflection.
  • From DN 100 to DN 1600

*Coming soon under ISO 2531

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Leaders in technology

since 1899

U.S. PIPE, founded in 1899, is the leading US manufacturer of ductile iron pipe and fittings. It runs 3 pipe manufacturing plants and 11 transformation centres, all in the United States.

U.S. PIPE has a complete range of ductile iron pipes and fittings manufactured according AWWA standards in imperial sizes, providing the widest range up to DN1600/64” in the international market. The following locking systems are available: TR FLEX®, HDSS®, HP LOK® and TR-XTREME®

The revolution: Tyton Joint®

The Tyton Joint® was invented by U.S. PIPE in 1956 and has been the basis of the industry’s technological development. It has been the common element in the main innovations of high-performance, bolt-less double chamber restrained joints developed by many manufacturers, mostly European.


Technical videos and installations with US Pipe product

Technical Resources 2:18

Us Pipe technical resources for bridge crossing installations.

US Pipe – Guntersville Installation 1:08

US Pipe – Shelby Installation 1:45

NSF International Certificate (National Sanitation Foundation)