Lok&Play® Dual Camera Lock Gasket

Lok & Play® Dual Chamber Latching joints (or locking joints) are the ultimate expression of technological development of locking systems. It guarantees the tightness of the union and connection of the pipe even in extreme situations.

Types of Dual Camera Locking:
CONSTRUTEC has Lok & Play® Double Chamber locking solutions from diameter DN 80 to DN 1600 millimeters, manufactured under the standards of the ISO / EN and AWWA Standard:

ISO / EN standard: DC-FLEX and DC-LOK
AWWA standard: TR-FLEX, HP-LOK and HDSS


  • Deflection up to 5º
  • Working pressure up to 100bars (1450psi)
  • Pulling force up to 10700 KN
  • Full range of bolted accessories

The pipes are equipped with a smooth end with a locking cord and a bell in which the smooth end is plugged.

The hood (a) has two cameras. The TYTON® gasket (b) is housed in chamber 1 (the seal chamber), with which we achieve seal tightness. Chamber 2 (the blocking chamber) has a window (or several, depending on the diameter) on which the blocking segments (c) are inserted once the smooth end or spigot of the tube (d) is plugged in, and they slide to their position around the hood. The pin is factory equipped with a locking cord (e). Once the connection of the connection has been made, the connection is blocked by means of a pull back. The contact of a + c + e is produced, which provides a positive axial closure that prevents it from being disconnected.

Once the connection is blocked, the pipe is ready for operation, and will not disconnect. This type of latching has a simple assembly, which saves labor and avoids any margin of error, since they have a single position

of introduction and turns the pipeline into self-supporting. Thus allowing the removal or reduction of concrete blocks (concrete) since it does not require anchors at the joints, not even at the elbows.