Flanged Pipes Fabrication

Cañería Bridada

Ductile iron flanged pipes are being supplied with flanges screw-on, weld-on or integrally cast-on. Weld-on and screw-on flanged pipes are limited to 5.5 m length.

  • The single flanged or double flanged ductile iron pipes screw-on or weld-on are fabricated from calibrated ductile iron cut pipes produced pursuant to ISO 2531 / EN 545 standards and are supplied with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) lining in conformity with ISO 4179 and coated with 200g/m2 of Zinc and finish layer of black bitumen or epoxy on top, applied in accordance with ISO 8179 – 1.
  • Integrally casted flanged ductile iron pipes are supplied with K12 of iron wall thickness or superior. Integrally flanged pipes are limited to a length of L = 2,000mm.

The coating and lining protection against corrosion can be provided with:
a) Interior and exterior lining cement with Zinc-enriched paint and black bitumen topcoat in accordance with ISO 8179-2
b) Epoxy coating (FBE) with a minimum average thickness of 250 microns applied in accordance with EN 14901.

All flanged pipes (nipples) are supplied WRAS certified food quality. CONSTRUTEC provides a type 3.1 test certificate according to EN 10204 for each manufacturing batch.

Flanges supplied pursuant to 1092-2 standard.

Flanged pipes (F/ FF/ FFG) NP 10 / 16 / 25 /40

Pressure rates and available diameters:
NP 10 y NP 16: from ND 80 to ND 2600
NP 25: from ND 80 to ND 1400
NP 40: from ND 80 to ND 600

Available flanged pipes

Double Flange
Flange - Spigot
Spigot - Spigot
Spigot - Socket

FLANGED PIPE (FFG / FG) with puddle flange:

Flanged pipe (FFG) with puddle flange

Centered Puddle Flanges

Flange on spigot pipe (FG) with puddle flange

Centered Puddle Flanges

* CONSTRUTEC offers flanged pipes pursuant to AWWA C110 standard flanged to F125 class from 3’’ to 48’’. Consult our Technical Department for larger sizes in AWWA standard.

Special manufacturing

The reels in any of their configurations can be equipped with a bypass flange. Example: Double flange reel ND 700 PN16 L: 2000mm with anchor flange and branch ND 200 NP16.

All reels with one or both smooth ends can be equipped with Weld Bead for locking solutions.

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