Engineering services

We design, supply and advise execute High Tech hydraulic engineering solutions.

How do we do it

Advising you throughout the life cycle of the project to solve the most complex needs.

We have come a long way in the development of hydraulic solutions, such as penstocks for small power plants, high pressure drinking water pipelines in hard-to-reach areas and/or trenchless technology applications



in the last 3 years
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Project Management

Planning and Design

A set of documents and calculations required for defining the project is generated in this phase.

  • Feasibility studies and analyses of alternatives,
  • Definition of scope, costs and schedule,
  • Optimal solution,
  • Layout,
  • Economic diameter,
  • Materials and sizing,
  • Head losses and water hammer,
  • Auxiliary structures,
  • Operating and control elements,
  • Production,
  • Geotechnical and structural stability.

Execution and Control

We help keep risks under control.

  • On-line and on-site technical assistance
  • Implementation control
  • Project management


Includes field work providing training, supervisión and validation services.

  • Final check
  • Leakage and pressure tests
  • Commissioning
Tuberia acerrojada fundicion ductil

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