Engineering services

We offer the services of a team of engineers to face the most demanding challenges of your project.

We offer our expertise in ductile iron cast iron pipes and fittings, both with traditional joints such as the TYTON ® -type flexible automatic joint and with Lok & Play® type bolted joint systems, whose applied engineering allows us to face complex hydraulic problems in a novel and successful way. be these derived from high pressure or derived from constructive complexity in solutions conceived with bell, welded or flanged socket pipes.

We advise our clients in the design and execution of the work by applying innovative hydraulic engineering that makes your project profitable thanks to the elimination of the expensive concrete anchors in the elbows.

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We make viable and profitable projects of pressurized water pipes that with other alternatives are not even possible to be built.

Within this framework, we enable projects that require the selection of products capable of meeting requests with a high safety factor and high performance.

And in order to guarantee the supply of pipes, accessories and valves, in accordance with the design and requirements of the project, we take care of accompanying the client not only with the engineering design, be it conceptual, basic or detailed, but also with the responsibility of the procurement and supervision of the execution of the work.

Some of our success stories: