Ductile Iron Pipes: What is a Lok&Play® locking system?

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Lok&Play® locking system is a set of solutions built around a high-performance restrained joint system.

It is a double chamber locking system, articulated, flexible and without screws, which is interposed between two pipe bars and prevents them from disconnecting because of the design pressure and maximum deflection published by the manufacturer in any installation condition (on land, trench or slopes) as long as the limits for which it has been designed are not exceeded. However, it is very different from a sleeve: a sleeve is a system that embraces two pipes.

The difference between these two systems is that a sleeve works by friction (it will resist very low pressures) and a locking system works by mechanical means (i.e. , it will resist as much pressure as necessary, as long as it complies with the design rules and the normatively established tests).

Lok&Play® locking system, registered trademark by CONSTRUTEC DUKTIL, states that pipes have a bell and a spigot, which are connected and that there are blocking segments between them.

Socket and spigot ductile iron pipe

The first chamber is the sealing chamber, which guarantees zero leakage through the Tyton® rubber gasket, usually in EDPM, whose operating principle is as follow: MORE PRESSURE, MORE SEALING.

Once the spigot is inserted into the bell, the segments are placed through a small window. Segments prevent the disconnection of the spigot and the bell, even working without trench, as they lie between the weld bead and the chamber.

Lok&Play® locking systems we offer: HDSS®, HP LOK®, TR FLEX® y VRS-T/BLS®.

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