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Technical and Economical Proposal Service

We offer to our clients a free technical-economical proposal of their projects, with the most appropriate CONSTRUTEC technology according to the characteristics of the works.

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To achieve this, a description of the main features of the project is made so that the client can verify the validity of the proposal and also be able to assess with enough approximation the civil works that in a later phase must be defined and dimensioned to the level of construction detail.

The proposal includes:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Topography analysis of the trace, in case of having topographic plans, or, in the other case, approximations using GIS tools.
  • Calculation of the most economical diameter.
  • Hydraulic analysis of the conduction, in permanent and transient regime, for the scenarios proposed by the client. This includes:


  1. Water elevation profiles throughout the entire pipeline for normal operation.
  2. Pressure envelope for transient regime (Water Hammer) along the entire line.
  3. Maximum pressure for water hammer, and recommended closing time.
  • Offer quote, which includes:
  1. Pipes and accessories supply of the entire line.
  2. Detailed engineering of the line (boq, hydraulic calculations in permanent and transient flow conditions, clamping structures).
  3. Technical assistance during all design and construction phases.
  • Video including the proposal located at the site of implementation of the works.

Projects that require an alternative vision and, therefore, a study with the scope described above:

  • High pressure pipelines
  • Pipelines in complex terrain and steep slopes, which require minimizing civil work costs by eliminating anchor blocks as much as possible.

Field of application:

  • Penstock for hydropower plant
  • High seismicity hazard representing danger of disconnection
  • Application in sky centers for artificial snowing
  • Mining sector
  • Fire protection installations for tunnels