High pressure water supply


El Socorro, Colombia



Drinking water for the next 100 years

The inhabitants of El Socorro have spent years dreaming of a definitive solution to the problem of drinking water supply. A solution that comes true thanks to advanced ductile iron technology, which has a locking system for DN 250 and DN 300 to cope with a pressure of up to 85 bar.

  • A challenge: 17.5km in length
  • Elimination of blocks in changes of direction and adaptability to the terrain


In the case of Socorro, all the conduction was carried out with ductile iron pipe with self-locking union. In this case, different diameters were used, thus allowing to supply the project flow, withstand the high pressures at the low point, and keep the pressure drop limited. The chosen joint system was a DC-Lok & Play® double chamber latch, a self-locking mechanical joint without field welds and without masses to resist hydraulic thrusts.

Keys to Project Success

The creation of a socially and economically acceptable technical solution using suitable components and international standards. And all of them with a successful workflow between expert designers and specialized manufacturers.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Experts in very complex scenarios
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Food guarantee for supply water to populations with international certifications
  • No welding, no risk of fire
  • Supports very high pressures