Trenchless technology
Horizontal directional drilling


Alzira, Valencia, España


456 m

A project with a worldwide impact

Alzira, a small town near Valencia, was the beneficiary of a unique horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project using DN 900 PHD-type ductile iron pipe with a 25 bar design pressure.

Horizontal directional drilling: 456 m of buried pipeline with large-diameter pipe

Part of the route of the new pipeline, with a nominal diameter of 900mm for the supply of drinking water to the Ribera region, involved crossing the River Júcar, the Valencia – Alicante railway line and an industrial building.

Tuberia acerrojada para abastecimiento de agua

Benefits and advantages of our solution:
Ductile iron pipe has also been used successfully in industrial installations since the mid-1970s. Our pipe is suitable for capturing and conveying the water required in transformation processes:

  • Cooling
  • Combine Cycle Project
  • Steam production and cogenerations plants
  • Food industry
  • Wastewater reuse for irrigation
  • Refineries
  • Solar energy.