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Forced pipeline (Penstock) for hydroelectric plants

Ductile iron pipe solutions for mini hydroelectric power plants

he penstocks are usually located in complex terrain, rough terrain and / or geotechnical instability, and withstand high operating pressures. For this reason, they demand materials and equipment suitable for extreme needs.

The connection system must be easy and simple, providing high installation performance, and that not only provides a high safety coefficient, but in its more than 50 years of useful life, the pipes are kept safe, watertight and fully operational. once put into operation. All without maintenance!

Benefits and advantages of our solution:

  • Does not require concrete blocks. Without expansion joints.
  • Very high laying performance: Lok & Play®.
  • Very complex areas. Extreme slopes.
  • It admits very high pressures.
  • With trench or without trench.
  • No welding, no problems. Even in a waterlogged ditch.
  • Minimal head loss.
  • Operation guarantee, without breakdowns or service interruptions.
  • Obsolete steel pipe replacements

Case of Success

SAMUC Hydroelectric Power Plant


High and low pressure driving.


Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.



Located in the Alta Verapaz area of ​​Guatemala, the SAMUC hydroelectric project has two lines that go to the same machine room: the SAMUC I line at DN 400 and the SAMUC II line at DN 600. Both were built with a crane cable transport system due to the complex conditions of pipe installation:

  • Pending on the order of 480% (78º).
  • Different pressure sections up to a PMA of 52bar.
  • Executed with pipe with a locking system.

Keys to project success

  • Make an impossible project something viable, safe and profitable.
  • Supervision and control up to the pressure test by the design team itself.