Ductile iron pipes for high pressure and extreme mountain areas

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Cast iron pipes for high pressure, high mountain and siphon lines

At Construtec, we are experts in aqueducts and high pressure pipes and we offer the best alternatives for supplying drinking water in areas of high technical complexity.

We are specialized in engineering special applications, with a special focus on high pressure, and for this we have Lok & Play® locking locking solutions, the best alternative on the market.

High mountain ductile iron pipe solutions: siphon pipe

High mountain conduits present their own problems: vertical or quasi-vertical slopes, instability of slopes, difficulty in locating anchor points, as well as the positioning of equipment and materials that demand innovative solutions that combine the imagination of technicians with sophisticated means commissioning.

Features of our ductile iron pipe for high mountain and high pressure pipes

  • Very complex scenarios with steep slopes
  • Interior and exterior protection against corrosion for all types of water and terrain
  • With or without trench
  • Earthquake resistant
  • For supply water to populations with international certifications
  • No welding, no risk of fire
  • It admits very high pressures

Case of Success

Alba Siphon conduction


High pressures
Supply Line


Soto de Agües
Asturias, España.

1.884 m

El Sifón del Alba: 1,884m of high pressure and slopes

It is one of the main drinking water supply lines in Gijón (Asturias, Spain). Its waters are led to the city through a long route of valleys and hills of the Cantabrian Mountains.

  • High pressure: PMA of 65bar at its lowest point.
  • 554m difference in altitude.
Key points for project design and product choice

  • Need for an agile assembly that will counteract the extreme conditions of the environment.
  • Low accessibility of the site (use of a helicopter for manipulation during its installation).
  • The finishes of the pipe contemplated the total coverage of the line and revegetation of the affected area for a better landscape integration.