Ductile iron pipes for high pressure and extreme mountain areas

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High mountain areas

Off Road: A smart, safe and cost-effective solution for extreme pipelines.

Main solutions: Siphon Pipelines

Pipeline systems in high mountain areas present problems of their own: vertical or near-vertical slopes, unstable mountainsides, the inherent difficulty in locating anchor points, not to mention the positioning of equipment and materials that require innovative solutions combining the imagination of the technicians with sophisticated means of implementation.

Tuberia acerrojada fundicion ductil

Off Road: a smart, safe and cost-effective solution for extreme pipelines

Tuberia fundicion en sifon

Benefits and advantages of our solution:

  • Very complex scenarios with steep slopes.
  • With or without trench.
  • No concrete blocks.
  • Internal and external corrosion protection for all types of water and soil.
  • Earthquake resistant.

“El Sifón del Alba” Pipeline


High Pressure
Drinking Water Pipeline


Soto de Agües
Asturias, Spain.


1.884 m

1.884m of high pressure and slopes

It is one of the main supply lines of drinking water in Gijon (Asturias, Spain). Water is carried to the city through a long route of valleys and hills in the Cantabrian Mountains.

  • High pressure: Maximum allowable pressure of 65 bar at its lowest point
  • 554m of steep slope.
Key points for project design and product selection

  • Need for an agile assembly that would counteract the extreme conditions of the environment.
  • Poor accessibility of the site that led to the use of a helicopter for pipe handling during installation.
  • Environmental importance of the area, which is why the finished line included fully covering the pipeline and replanting the affected area for better landscape integration.

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