Ductile iron pipes against extreme earthquakes

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ductile iron pipe against earthquakes

The latest in anti-seismic technology. Lok & Play®.

Construtec’s solution to extreme earthquakes are high resistance Lok & Play® ductile iron pipes.

The biggest problem with pipes installed in areas of high seismic activity is the high risk of disconnection of the joint, or breakage of the pipes due to their high rigidity and not being able to absorb the energy transmitted by the earthquake. For years, research has been carried out on what the piping system should be to provide a solution so that the pipes do not disconnect, keeping the pipes in service once the earthquake has passed.

Construtec provides a robust, highly resistant and flexible solution that makes it an innovative and ideal solution to solve the pipeline resistance problem in the event of an earthquake in urban areas.

Tuberia para suelos inestables
Tuberia para suelos inestables

Characteristics of our ductile iron pipes against earthquakes

The Lok & Play® locking patent, based on a development of the traditional bolted joint, is designed so that the stem of the tube moves freely in extension within the cup in a length of 2.9 ”(about 7.5 cm) in the moment of the earthquake. The pipe is capable of accommodating expansions and compressions of the soil with a deflection capacity of up to 4º in the entire circumference of the pipe and in each of its unions for diameters from 6 to 12 “, and from 3º to 16”.

The Lok & Play® locking joint is under patent approval by the manufacturer and incorporates 40 years of experience in the design of restrained or locked joints in the water industry and the earthquake industry market.