CONSTRUTEC US PIPE at Hydrovision 2018: High pressure penstock for hydropower plants

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Construtec U.S. Pipe successfully completes its participation at Hydrovision International 2018, the largest worldwide gathering of hydro professionals, which took place in Charlotte, United States. This time, they had the opportunity to present the HDSS® (high deflection high pressure) penstock, suitable for water conduction to hydroelectric power plants under high pressure conditions.

The Lok&Play® high performance locking systems got all the attention at the stand, making clear that once again thanks to the innovations of a great technological leader like U.S. Pipe, it is possible to face challenges that imply supporting large operating pressures on extreme slopes without the need to place concrete blocks (for more technical information please contact

Product, expertise and service

The versatile and cost-effective solution presented is possible thanks to the large capacities of the U.S. Pipe ductile iron pipe and the experience of Construtec in hydraulic engineering solutions for hydroelectric power plants.

Penstock pipes are usually located in complex grounds, abrupt orography and / or geotechnical instability, and withstand high operating pressures. For this reason, high tech equipment is needed. The locking system must be easy and simple, providing high installation performance, not just with a high safety factor, but in its more than 50 years of lifespan the pipeline system remains safe and fully operational once it is in service.

The main advantage of this solution are the savings in civil works. As it does not require concrete blocks, does not require welding or because is supplied from the factory with an internal and external corrosion protection system, it makes the Construtec solution a simple, easy to install, safe, and above all, giving significant economic benefits in construction and long-term profitability for being a solution for more than 50 years of service with no maintenance.

The restrained ductile iron pipes of high performance manufactured by U.S. Pipe is the Construtec´s choice to face construction in areas of high technical complexity.

Thank you very much to all the visitors, partners, organizers and friends.

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