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Tuberia fundicion ductil


We supply the most innovative, complete and competitive product range on the market from the best manufacturers, with special focus in Lok&Play® ductile iron pipes for special applications in the high pressure water transport, including penstock for hydropower plants and siphon pipes among others:

  • Tyton® joint ductile iron pipes and fittings from DN 80 to DN 1600 ISO (from 3 “to 64” AWWA)
  • Restrained joint ductile iron pipes and fittings
  • Coatings and linings for internal and external corrosion protection against any kind of transported water and soil.
  • Wide range of valves: gate, butterfly, air valves, pressure reducing valves.


Our expert team of engineers is ready to face the most demanding challenges of your project:

– We offer our expertise in ductile iron pipes and fittings, both with traditional Tyton® joint (push-on type connection) as well as Lok&Play® restrained joint systems, whose applied engineering allows to face complex hydraulic problems successfully, whether these come from high pressure or from the constructive complexity related to solutions designed with other joint systems (standard push on, welded or flanged pipes).

– Asesoramos a nuestros clientes en el diseño y la ejecución de la obra aplicando una ingeniería hidráulica innovadora que rentabiliza su proyecto gracias a la eliminación de los tan costosos anclajes de hormigón en los codos.

-We advise our clients in the design and execution of their projects, applying an innovative hydraulic engineering that boosts profit of your project due to avoiding the need of building concrete blocks in places where there is a change of direction of the flow.

-We make viable and profitable high pressure water supply projects that with other alternatives would not be possible to succesfully be built enhancing safety of the installation procedures and performance of the supplied products

-In order to guarantee the supply of products in accordance with the design and requirements of the project, we accompany you throughout the whole process (engineering design, procurement and on-site supervision).

About us

Construtec Duktil, a company founded in 1987 and specialist in engineering and supply of ductile iron pipes and fittings in Spain and Latin America, offers innovative hydraulic engineering solutions thanks to top-level manufacturers and technological leaders making the technical proposals of great complexity possible in order to maximize the profitability of the investments.

In recent years, Construtec is focused in special applications, bringing the experience in hydraulic engineering to our Lok&Play® joint system, with special attention on penstocks for small hydropower plants and clean water supply under high pressure conditions.


We embrace the Latin American market in order to develop degigns and ensure distribution in a large number of projects.


Contribute with innovative and reliable solutions for anyone who needs to transport water, to find the best solution for each client and to transfer specialized knowledge.


Contribute and lead in the processes of technological innovation in the sector of water transport pipes and relying on the benefits of ductile iron pipes. Advising under the knowledge and experience of the company, supplying pipes and fittings, and helping the customer alongside hydraulic engineering tools that provide confidence, security and profitability.